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An explosive encounter.

Monster Hunter Rise is home to a hostile world filled with enormous enemies that only adept hunters can defeat. With dozens of unique predators to track down and slay, players will have to use every tool at their disposal to best these intelligent and powerful beasts. In Monster Hunter Rise, the Teostra, an Elder Dragon that breathes flames and scatters explosive scales, is one enemy that hunters will face. Make sure you're ready for this challenging battle by studying up on the beast beforehand. Users can view Teostra's weaknesses, resistances, and drop rates in Monster Hunter Rise below.

All Teostra Weaknesses

Teostra Elemental Weakness

Teostra's main weakness is water, so be sure to bring any weapons with this element along for the hunt if you have them. If you don't have any water weapons, take an ice tool along instead, as this element is only slightly less effective than water. Thunder and dragon are an excellent third option but offer minor damage compared to water and ice. Do not use fire weapons on Teostra as it nullifies all fire-based attacks.

Those with elemental weapons ought to focus their attacks on Teostra's Foreleg and Tail as these areas take the most damage. The Head also receives a sizable amount of damage when targeted.

Location DamageFireWaterThunderIceDragon
Hind Leg0155105

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Teostra Location Weakness

If you are not wielding an elemental weapon, you want to attack places where you deal extra damage. These places on a monster differentiate depending on the weapon type you use—Cutting, Impact, or Shot.

Location DamageCutting DamageImpact DamageShot Damage
Hind Leg302520
  • If using a cutting weapon focus on the head and tail.
  • If using a blunt weapon focus on the head.
  • If using a bow/shot weapon focus on shooting the head and the tail.

Teostra Resistances and Ailments

If you want to inflict ailments to Teostra, try using Blast or Waterblight, as these are the only ailments with substantial payoff. Poison, Stun, Fireblight, Thunderblight, and Iceblight only deal minimal damage. Avoid using Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust on Teostra because of its immunity to these ailments.

Teostra Drop Rates - Carves, Capturing & Breaking

Depending on your quest, you can get different rewards to forge armor and weapons, but each has a drop rate percentage, ultimately RNG. It is pure luck what you receive.

  • There are multiple ways of gaining items
    • You can carving three times once the monster is dead.
    • You can capture the monster instead of killing it.
      • Or carving the broken appendage of said monster.
    • From looting the drops from the monster
    • After successfully compleing your quest

Most monsters have breakable parts, and Teostra is no different. Focus attacks on Teostra's Head, Wings, and Tail to break chunks off the beast. If you break these pieces during the hunt, you will earn extra rewards after completing the quest.

The tables below are the percentage and drop rates of each material from Teostra, High rank.

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High Rank

Target RewardsCapture Rewards
Item and Percentage Chance Item and Percentage Chance
Fire Dragon Scale+ 26%
Teostra Mane 19%
Teostra Claw+ 16%
Teostra Carapace 14%
Teostra Tail 12%
Teostra Powder 10%
Teostra Gem 3%
Dragon Treasure 40%
Teostra Powder 34%, 25%
Fire Dragon Scale+ 25%
Teostra Carapace 15%, 40%
Elder Dragon Blood 10%
Teostra Gem 1%
Item and Percentage Chance
Teostra Tail 80% (Tail)
Teostra Carapace 27% (Body)
Fire Dragon Scale+ 21% (Body), 17% (Tail)
Teostra Mane 18% (Body)
Teostra Claw+ 14% (Body)
Teostra Webbing 10% (Body)
Teostra Horn+ 8% (Body)
Teostra Gem 2% (Body), 3% (Tail)
Broken Parts Drops
Item and Percentage Chance
Teostra Horn+ 72% (Head)
Teostra Webbing 70% (Wingclaw)
Teostra Mane 25% (Head)
Teostra Claw+ 18% (Wingclaw)
Teostra Powder 12% (Wingclaw 2x)
Teostra Gem 3% (Head)
White Drops
Item and Percentage Chance
Dragon Treasure 40%
Teostra Powder 34%
Fire Dragon Scale+ 25%
Teostra Carapace 15%
Elder Dragon Blood 10%
Teostra Gem 1%

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