Has the Hisuian Pokédex for Pokémon Legends: Arceus been leaked?

Two weeks before its release, it appears that an avid Pokémon fan and dataminer has gotten an early copy of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. When data miners get early access to a popular game, they of course want to share all the information with the players. Twitter user @BallGuyLeaks took the spotlight for such fans, posting […]

Fortnite dataminers discovered new skins—including a pair based on Hawkeye—and other features in the latest update

Today ended up being a very big day for fans of Epic Game’s Fortnite. The latest 19.10 update for the game has been datamined by a group of leakers—the group goes by GalaxifyX, GMatrixGames, ralisdumb, and FNLeaksAndInfo, respectively, on Twitter. The leakers were able to get their hands on images and data from the game […]

How to visit the Kaws New Fiction Art Exhibit in Fortnite?

Creators BeyondCreative and Alliance Studios have modeled the Kaws New Fiction Art Exhibit around the real-life Serpentine North Gallery of London. The 3D art gallery contains several showcases of paintings, sculptures, and augmented reality artwork of the renowned artist KAWS. Fortnite players can visit the Kaws New Fiction from Jan. 18, 2022, through the Fortnite creative […]

Final Fantasy XIV is expanding all its Data Centers and Regions

After months of huge queues and a population crisis in Final Fantasy XIV, a new announcement has revealed an expansion to the game’s servers and Data Centers. In a post on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone website, game Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida thanked players for their patience and announced the Data Center expansion. The […]

Several Apex Legends players falsely banned due to anti-cheat software glitch

Apex Legends doesn’t shy away from banning cheaters and exploiters. Yesterday, however, a lot of innocent players got caught in the crossfire. Easy Anti-Cheat, Apex Legends’ anti-cheat software, is an anti-cheat software that doesn’t have deep access to a player’s computer. That said, it is not without its faults. Due to an error with the […]