Best Cooking Recipes in New World

Cooking in New World is just one of the many facets of the game that is as rewarding as it is tedious. It can be near impossible to remember what recipes you want or need on the fly. On top of that, getting the recipe you want depends entirely on what you want from it, […]

When is the release date for My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble battle royale?

If you’re a Bandai Namco fan, you may have seen this fascinating game announcement. A free-to-play royale fighting game with My Hero Academia Characters is a tall order. While we don’t know exactly when you can play, we have all of the up-to-date information for this upcoming video game. My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble – […]

When is Disney Twisted-Wonderland release date?

Disney Twisted-Wonderland is an adventure game that follows the main character (whose name you choose) as they traverse through a magical world full of villains inspired by Disney works. Many gamers have been jealously eyeing the game for a U.S. release. But how soon? Disney Twisted-Wonderland – Release Date This mobile game has technically already […]